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                            Welcome to a world of possibilities for your keyboard KURZWEIL PC3. 
Vstiforkuzweil offers a complete range of synthesizers for the PC3 series. These synthesizers are made with the VAST architecture. Never before has it been so easy to use this system in Kurweil  pc3 series keyboards. 

VAST architecture can emulate any sound almost completely. That is why we present some already built synthesizers designed for some particular task. 

Each synthesizer available from Vstiforkurweil this thought to offer some very elavorados and complex sounds. Some of them may be unique. 

Each synthesizer is controlled by the supplied software program, VSTi and standalone mode. This software contains a good number of high quality presets. 

Each controller sends midi control change messages (CC) PC3 keyboard. You will bear the program supplied on the keyboard. This program can be said to act as a synthesizer. 

QAccess mode can access the presets without using a computer by loading the presets in the memory of PC3 and selecting within mode QAccess the supplied software synthesizer. You can buy the whole package or just the sounds QAccess mode. 

Each synthesizer has its own template for a Behringer BCR 2000 to facilitate the work

You can try the full HispaPC3 synthesizer free. You get good sounds and can test your computer compatibility.

Read the questions and answers section for further clarification. FAQ

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