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             This synthesizer is something special. It was designed to create sounds synthetic choirs, but thanks to the configuration of processors  Wrap and SHAPER  on  SHAPED SAW wave offers much more than that. Sounds thick, full and high quality. It has 2 oscillators and other  somewhat more complex.

The first wave is a  shaped saw that combined with WRAP and SHAPER function provides filtered sounds, low sounds of voices and even synthetic pianos very inspiring. The  Balance parámeter control the signal level of the wave shaped and choir wave to be send to the output. Therefore, the oscillator one has a 2 waves, a SHAPED SAW and a of CHOIR wave. 
The second oscillator is a Synth Vox wave , That combined with the first oscillator creates an ideal set of vocals to create sounds, electric pianos, pads and various synthesized sounds.
The third oscillator has a custom configuration, which consists of a wave of Choir, a noise and a  Hicut filter. All combined with custom envelopes, of which one is programmable by the user.
The rest of the synthesizer is composed of filters, envelopes, a shaper control that sends the control to the ModEnv envolvene  and effects unit.

- Number of presets: 87
- Number of layers : 7 layers.
- Number of available parameters: 47
- 2 oscillators +1: Shaped Saw + Choir, Synth Vox, Choir + Noise + Hicut.
- Filter: Low pass, Velocity control, keyboard tracking, resonance and envelope dedicated and high-pass filter
- Envelope of amplification.
3D Simulation
- Envelope  filter, the shapers and oscillator 3.
- Effects: Flange, delay, chorus and reverb.
- Effects: Modulator ring.
- Special settings: In the oscillator number 3. They are 2 added parametres for the high pass filter and a amount of volume of noise. Furthermore, an additional envelope which controls the attack and decay of the noise level with parameters slower than the amplitude envelope controlled by the user.
- Special Settings: A dedicated control the shaper 2 to use the amplitude envelope with each attack and decay times longer.
- Special Settings: The Modulation Wheel controls a new high-pass filter envelope with attack and decay and sustain nil. Ideal for producing input pads, strings and filtered sounds.

- Mode VSTi and Standalone: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 and 8. Kurzweil PC3 series.
- Mode QACCESS: Kurzweil PC3 series.
NOTE: The programs are 32-bit. The Vsti has very little CPU resource consumption. You can use a bridge in 64bit DAWs.

            Listen the sounds

                        Download demo sounds in:


GLORIFIKATOR PACK: Includes:  PC3 File8 presets., synthesizer VSti and mode standalone,  preset BCR2000 and mode QACCESS files.
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