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  My name is Devís,

Currently I am interested in the music world for many years. As for synthesis, I taught courses in basic analog synthesis, among other things, such as advanced courses in Cubase.  This I did in my personal production studio.

My favorite website is www.hispasonic.com. A website which is easy to find anything related to the production, tools, etc.. My username is Yimianders and are several years I visit  every day.

I was interested in  a KURZWEIL PC3x keyboard to complete my study of production and also because I liked the idea of ​​VAST architecture. Eventually I created a MIDI controller for advanced management programs and for my personal use. The results were great to my mind, since I saved a lot of work in time to make new presets in KURZWEIL and also because these presets are availables for the instant when I make compositions with Cubase. So I do more work for to provide these presets and synthesizers for commercial use.

VstiForKurzweil  is a work independent and not part of Kurzweil Music Systems  or any other company

Contact me for any suggestions or to answer any questions you may have:

Best regards.