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What do I need to use synthesizers VstiForKurzweil? 
You need a keyboard Kurzweil PC3 series and a personal computer to pass presets into keyboard.

The Vsti programs, it sounds?
No, only are programs. These programs send midi data to control one program in the PC3 keyboard. 

Where are the presets? Does the keyboard or VSTi?
The Vsti have about 100 presets.  Only one program for PC3 synth keyboard is supplied for each synthesizer.

How many programs I will have on the Kurzweil PC3 keyboard if I buy GLORIFIKATOR synthesizer, for example?

On your keyboard PC3 only have to load one program. This program is supplied with the purchase.

Can I have the presets of these synths in program mode?
All you can do but transform Vsti presets of programs for Kurzweil PC3 programs will be work very heavy

How do I install a synthesizer? 
First we have to save the PC3 as a normal program in the kurzweil PC3. Then we have to install the synthesizer into our pc. It's really very simple. Each synthesizer comes with an installer that makes virtually all the work.

How does it work in mode standalone and mode vsti?
It's simple in both modes.In both modes you have to select the program equivalent to the synthesizer Kurzweil PC3 provided in the package installer.
In standalone mode you must open the program. Then you have to route the midi out to the kurzweil PC3. And ready. 
Vsti mode we have to open the plugin as an instrument either. The only difference is that we will have a midi track with midi out to the kurzweil PC3 and on the same track we will have the VSTi plugin on the midi IN.

 Do the synths keep the presets that I do? 
They use TXT files Yes to save a preset or all at once. In VSTi mode You can use save options presets available to each HOST. 

What kind sounds have of synthesizer  ?
 Listen to demos, may surprise you. From analog sounds, electric pianos, choirs immense, pads and even acoustic guitars. 

The synthesizers Are they stable?
The synthesizer are very stable. There is an excellent work to provide unmatched stability. They have great stability. 

What could be compatible with MAC? 
No, I´m sorry.

Can I do my own sounds with these synths? 
Of course. But keep in mind that they are synthesizers with no more than 47 controls.  And that is why each synth has a special configuarción for  have a better chance.
The synthesizers comes with presets highly sought after and worked. 

Can you help? 
Sure, send an email to yimianders@yahoo.es

ONLINE SUPPORT: yimianders@yahoo.es
Also as far as possible via online. Language English and Spanish.

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